june 21-24 Rome festival of comics drawn and printed art

It's like this: You come home from CRACK! and you're happy. A little bit like you're still on CRACK! mentally. This happiness lasts for a few weeks sometimes. It's not that you want to go back but more like you never really left the Forte. The rest of the year you do what you can to make the rest of the world a better place. Around December usually, you start thinking about going back. A feeling that gets more intense as June gets closer. You start to plan for the next one, try to think of a bigger, better contribution. You want to return to the family, return home. CRACK! is the real world, the rest is just inbetween.

Mattias Elftorp
The destructive character sees nothing permanent. But for this very reason he sees ways everywhere. Where others encounter walls or mountains, there, too, he sees a way. But because he sees a way everywhere, he has to clear things from it everywhere. Not always by brute force; sometimes by the most refined. Because he sees ways everywhere, he always stands at a crossroads.
Walter Benjamin


Outdoor_venerdi 21 giugno

electrofunk DIYgestural music


Michel Morin aka Sneak-Thief: ”La mia ossessione per l'Elettro-Funk è per me come essere colti in flagrante in un trio con il funk e la tecnologia”.Nel suo futuristico ménage à trois Sneak-Thief ha rapito il funk e rubato circuit designs da tutto il mondo e tutto in virtù di far muovere i nostri culi sul dancefloor. La sua nuova e selvaggia performance live combina synth analogici, proiezioni di body-mapping laser e un guanto high tech customizzato per gestural music.